Here is an interesting article about incorporating yoga therapy practices into physical therapy routines for neurologic patients.  Like physical therapists, yoga therapists posses the skills and processes to identify barriers to optimal function, create strategies or environments for improving proprioception, function, and learning as well as assessing structure and faulty motor sequencing/recruitment, and prescribing remedies. However, the strength of the yoga therapist is his/her insight into the effects of emotions, stress, relationships, and spiritual imbalance on the human movement system and the YT’s  ability to evaluate these effects and deliver remedies that address these ailments as well. Enjoy:

Yoga therapeutics in neurologic physical therapy: Application to a patient with Parkinson’s disease


Here are my notes from this semester’s adaptive yoga class at Bosön with the Rekryteringsgruppen. It includes our intentions for each class, some pranayama instructions and term definitions. Feel free to browse through whether you’ve been to my class this semester or not. Enjoy! Adaptive Yoga RG Course Notes