Yoga has always interested me. I remember being a little girl watching my mom with curiosity as she flipped through the pages of a book on the floor and attempted to make the images on the page come to life in her own body. I seemed to get it. I didn’t even know what she was doing was called yoga (or what most of us think of as yoga). I certainly didn’t know at the time how important yoga would be to me. On some level though, I connected with it.

I began practicing Hatha yoga in 2004. As a collegiate athlete Hatha yoga offered me mental and physical balance in my hectic unstable world. Slowly, as my exposure to classical yoga and the principles set out by Patanjali grew, I began to bring yoga into my life beyond the mat. In 2008 I joined the Sangha community at the Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram and participated in the Shambahva School of Yoga teacher training program.

Since then, I have taught various yoga classes in the Denver, Boulder area including classes at Mountain’s Edge FitnessEldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram, and the Boulder Country Club. In December, 2009 I said goodbye to my home in Boulder and have since relocated to Stockholm, Sweden where I currently teach private yoga classes and classes for individuals with special needs.

The Disability Connection

In 2008 I started working as a personal care attendant for a woman with Cerebral Palsy. Tammy, who became a good friend to me, introduced me to the disabilities community. She convinced me to become the coach of her Power Soccer team (adaptive football) and this delightful group of people became my inspiration for joining the team at SCI Recovery Project – a non-profit organization specializing in exercise based recovery programs for individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, or similar trauma. At SCI Recovery Project I worked as a trainer using tailored exercise programs designed to help clients achieve maximal neuromuscular recovery and functional ability. I brought my own particular influence into our training with yoga principles of alignment, breath and movement.

Bringing it all Together

My move to Sweden has opened many doors and provides a chance to bring together my very unique blend of knowledge. While I still offer yoga classes for able-bodied and able-minded individuals I have expanded my teaching to encompass the needs of the disability community as well. Using my own blend of yoga and exercise based recovery techniques – Yogability – I offer something truly unique. Read More

My Own Yoga Practice

Along with becoming a better person from within, my commitment to yoga is also a commitment to helping others, through teaching and through sharing my experiences. I have created this blog as a way for others who are interested in practicing a yogic lifestyle to share in my struggles and my triumphs. I encourage you to share yours as well!

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